The Pomodoro catered dinner party experience

Mediterranean countries value the experience of eating together extremely highly. The meal is not just an occasion for fulfilling the appetite, but it’s also a way of sharing and relaxing together while having a chat in the company of friends, fine food and good wine.

Pomodoro offers you a unique experience by allowing you to choose from a wide selection of Mediterranean dishes that are prepared in your home, by Sicilian chef Laura Geraci. Four delicious courses allow you to taste a combination of Mediterranean dishes during the same dinner - including Italian and French classics, Greek and Spanish specialities and cous cous and tagines for a North African twist. Enjoy an outstanding meal in the company of your friends and family, in the comfort of your own home, without having to prepare any food!

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An authentic taste of the Mediterranean

Sicily, where Laura grew up, is truly a melting pot of Meditereanean cuisine. At the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, marked by centuries of unruly history, Sicily has always been the cradle of the Mediterranean. Targeted by the Greeks and the Arabs whose civilisations enriched the island with the presence of different cultures, Sicily became the centre of commercial exchanges attracting colonizers for centuries to come, resulting in what Sicily is today – a unique blend of colours, shapes and flavours.

Colours, shapes and flavours

Pomodoro is able to evoke the true meaning of the Mediterranean, to ensure your party is enlivened by an explosion of authentic flavours. The colourful blend, the creamy texture, the subtle crunch of many dishes will be the key to unlock everybody’s joy of eating and sharing delicious food. Pomodoro will create a warming atmosphere around you thanks to simple food and simple pleasures.

Quality ingredients

Wherever possible ingredients are sourced from local markets and from greengrocers in Thornbury and Alveston; the meat is always sourced from the award winning local butcher in Alveston ‘Perry and Son’; the fresh fish typically comes from 'Powells of Olveston' or ‘Tovey's Seafood’ in Bristol. Some cheeses, cured meats and many other specialty products come form the Thornbury delicatessen shop ‘Small World’. The fresh herbs often come from Laura’s garden, with plants supplied by ‘Jekka's’ award winning and organic herb farm. Some essentials are even imported from Italy.

Who is Pomodoro for?

If you love being surrounded by friends while enjoying a good meal in all tranquility without having to rush away from the dinner table to finish off cooking and assemble the next course, then Pomodoro is for you.

Whether you love cooking for friends but don’t fancy having to interrupt your conversations because of having to serve the next course or whether you can’t stand being in a hot kitchen slaving away while everybody else catches up with each other, Pomodoro is the right solution.

A relaxed and laid-back dinner party such as Pomodoro is the perfect occasion for making the best use of your lovely dining room. You’ll have the opportunity to use the finest table and glassware for an outstanding party.

The essence of Pomodoro is being together to share a wonderful experience so why don’t you gather your friends and then decide to share also the cost of the dinner? You can then decide to take it in turns and have a party each time in a different place, to make the overall experience even more fun!

And last, but not least, Pomodoro is for all of you that love the finest and most genuine Mediterranean food and its wonderful strong flavours that with Pomodoro are so magically combined in a melting pot of cultures.

Clafoutis: Caramelised flan style dessert with cherries [France]

Clafoutis: Caramelised flan style dessert with cherries [France]